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Prathibha matha Ryni     Intrested on Profile, Then?
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Profile posted on : Jan-30-2018     Forward to a friend
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Basic Details
Gender : Female
Date of Birth : 06/01/1988
Age : 32
Marital Status : Unmarried
Hieght : 5ft 3in - 160cm
Weight :
Physical Status : Normal
Mother Tongue : Telugu
Education and Profession
Education : Masters-Science
Occupation : Lecturer
Annual Income : 2 lakhs
Property Worth :
More about Me
Education: BSC Nursing,Doing PG 2nd year(MSC Nursing),And Working as a Faculty.
My Preferred Partner
Software/Other Working in Vizag Location.Castenobar.
Religion : Christian
Denomination : Baptist
SubCaste : Indian christian
State : Andhrapradesh
District/Region : visakhapatnam
CasteNobar : Yes
Country of residence : India
Residing Town : visakhapatnam
Citizenship : India
Family Details
Contact Details
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