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Dr. Venkat     Intrested on Profile, Then?
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Profile posted on : Jul-16-2017     Forward to a friend
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Basic Details
Gender : Male
Date of Birth : 14/01/1987
Age : 31
Marital Status : Unmarried
Hieght : 5ft 11in - 180cm
Weight :
Physical Status : Normal
Mother Tongue : Telugu
Education and Profession
Education : Medicine-Physiotherapy
Occupation : Doctor
Annual Income : 2400000
Property Worth : 2c
More about Me
I am doctor by profession have started new multispeciality clinic with my sure name mallipudi poly clinic and physiotherapy hospital.. in Vijayawada one town ., which is my own and provides all type of medical services with specialtys like cardio, gynaecology, general medicine, Dermotology, physiotherapy & dental departments.9966214661
My Preferred Partner
For me .. I preferable match always god fearing, caring, service oriented bride with most probably form medical background.., as hopefully a supportive hand in my clinic and serving god and also the destitutes.9494271747
Religion : Christian
Denomination : CSI
SubCaste : Madiga
State : Andhra Pradesh
District/Region : Vijayawada
CasteNobar : Yes
Country of residence : India
Residing Town : Vijayawada
Citizenship : India
Family Details
Contact Details
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