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Vishali     Intrested on Profile, Then?
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Basic Details
Gender : Female
Date of Birth : 31/08/1988
Age : 29
Marital Status : Divorced
Hieght : 5ft 3in - 160cm
Weight : 46
Physical Status : Normal
Mother Tongue : Telugu
Education and Profession
Education : Masters-Business Administration
Occupation : Marketing Professional
Annual Income : 450000
Property Worth : Own House
More about Me
My Daughter is very prayerful and
god fear. She is very jovial and caring. She understands very well.
She is working in Hitech city in hyderabad
Again Dowry system
Should not give value for color need to value heart.
Color will not make rich or proud.
Give importance to heart and values and fear in god.
Against movies and against Bad culture and habits
Respect towards elders.
My Preferred Partner
He should be a true christian and non drinker and non smoker.
He should know the relationship values. He should be loving and caring.
Against Dowry system.
Against Movies and worldly things and he should be very prayerful.
He should love parents
Religion : Christian
Denomination : Lutheran
SubCaste : Mala
State : Andhra Pradesh
District/Region : Andhra Pradesh
CasteNobar : Yes
Country of residence : India
Residing Town : Hyderabad
Citizenship : India
Family Details
Contact Details
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